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Lower Crossed Syndrome

Written By Champions Chiropractic Center, LLC on November 14, 2012

Lower crossed syndrome or LCS is caused by poor posture and muscular imbalances that develop over time pushing the pelvis forward causing a sway back or hyperlordosis.  As the pelvis travels forward an increased amount of stress is placed on the thoracolumbar joints.  As you see in the diagram, this posture creates a crossed pattern of short hypertoned (tight) muscles and elongated/weakened muscles.  LCS is often seen in individuals who are sedentary and do not have strong core muscles.  Postural changes like this take place slowly and usually go unnoticed until pain begins to occur.  LCS is known to cause chronic lower back pain and if it goes uncheck it can also lead to early degenerative changes to the spine.

If you have this condition give us a call today to get it fixed before it becomes permanent.

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