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Upper Crossed Syndome

Written By Champions Chiropractic Center, LLC on September 24, 2012

Upper crossed syndrome or UCS is caused by poor posture and muscular imbalances that develop over time pushing the head and neck forward away from the gravitational weight line.  Most often UCS is seen in the elderly, but can also be seen in young individuals as well. As the head and neck travel forward an increased amount of stress is placed on the upper trapezius & levatore scapula muscles.   As time passes in this state, the shoulders become rounded or roll forward.  This causes a shortening of the chest muscles and a lengthening of the mid back muscles (mid trapezius and rhomboids).  As you see in the diagram this posture creates a crossed pattern of short hypertoned (tight) muscles and elongated weakened muscles.  This condition is often seen in individuals who work at a computer 8-10 hours a day. Postural changes take place slowly and usually go unnoticed until pain begins to occur.

UCS is known to cause cervicogenic headaches, chronic shoulder problems, postural fatigue syndrome, and also increases your chances of having irreversible degenerative changes to the spine. If you have this condition give us a call today to get it fixed before it becomes permanent.

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