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Written By Champions Chiropractic Center, LLC on December 2, 2011

Spondylolysis: Is a condition when one vertebral body slides forward in relation to the spinal segment immediately below it.  This action occurs due to a fatigue fracture that occurs through a section of the spine called the pars interarticularis.  The etiology of this condition is unclear. Structural forces are the fundamental cause, but congenital anomalies, degeneration, and disease states (metastasis) also play a role.

Due to the repetitive extension & flexion of the spine gymnastics and boat rowing may increase the incidence of this condition.

Symptoms: include lower back pain, hypertoned hamstrings, hyperlordosis (too much curve in the lower back), an audible click may be felt or heard during flexion and extension, a small bump may protrude outward over the separated bony structures, and extension of the lumbar spine may cause pain to increase.

If you or a family member are having trouble/pain with their lower back give us a call today.

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