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Golf is a Non-Contact Sport, isn't it?

Written By Dr. Burt on March 4, 2016

Golf is a Non-Contact Sport, isn’t it?

A View From the Doctor
By: Doctor L. Bert Williams
Champions Chiropractic Center

Golf is almost a religion to those afflicted with the desire to tee up. It’s meant to be fun, but most golfers experience aches and pains that can be avoided with preventive measures. Here is a short menu you should follow the next time out:

  1. Warm up before playing, stretch and hit.
  2. Use ice for acute injuries, when in doubt, ice it down!
  3. Minimize alcohol consumption, as it increases risk for injury.
  4. Utilze proper swing techniques, get a pro.

This is common sense. Stretching and hitting a bucket of balls before playing not only helps your golf game, it helps your muscles and skeletal structure get accustomed to the angst that you’re about to put it through. And, no, sprinting from your car carrying a heavy golf bag does not count.

A friend came in a while back with an acutely sprained wrist as a result of a stubbed swing at a ball buried in the rough. I asked him if he put ice on it. His answer? “Sure, doc, I put a cold can of beer on it.” Well, that’s better than nothing, but he shouldn’t have finished the beer while playing on. Stop immediately, put ice on it and seek attention. You’ll get back on the course quicker that way.

Yes, I know you always play better on the back nine after the second six-pack. Face it, alcohol and golf do NOT mix. Besides the obvious physical risk, your decision-making capacity and coordination will suffer proportionately.

I have a saying. “Golf doesn’t cause back problems…poor golf does.” Your body is not meant to torque into a corkscrew like the pros. Swing after swing after hold after…well, keep it up and you’ll be in to see me or another chiropractor soon. Seek out a pro and swing within yourself. You’ll enjoy the game better and your body won’t double bogey on you.

Your’s in service,

Dr. L. Bert Williams, Champions Chiropractic Center

Dr. L Bert Williams, a Houston Chiropractor, has been in practice at 3960 FM 1960 West since 1975. He has held offices in his district and has been the recipient of many professional awards. He treats patients for all kinds of disorders involving the nervous, muscular and skeletal systems. Traditional Chiropractic care and innovative techniques are the key for a successful treatment protocol and to start feeling better–naturally! Call Champions Chiropractic Center today to schedule an appointment at 281-440-6355, and start living your life pain-free!

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